Local News

Scottish businesses struggling under the SNP

The SNP need to get their story straight on indyref2 as the SNP’s deputy recently insisted he had never claimed the independence referendum was a once in a generation vote.

Quick resolution at Port Charlotte bus shelter

Great news, the over grown Port Charlotte bus shelter has been tidied up by our hard working roads department.

The bus shelter no longer resembles an abandoned and overgrown green house. I am very pleased that after I complained to our roads department the problem was quickly resolved.

Local roads undermined by broken drains and water pipes

I was delighted to attend yet another successful surgery in Portnahaven yesterday where I heard numerous local concerns and saw first hand the condition of local roads which continue to be undermined by broken drains and water pipes.

Warm welcome for new Prime Minister

Boris Johnson MP has received many warm congratulations on his success in the Conservative leadership election, becoming the new prime minister today.