Local News

Concerns about hospital discharge delays

Donald Cameron, Scottish Conservative MSP for the Highlands and Islands, has highlighted newly released figures which show that NHS Western Isles and NHS Highland have the highest rates of delayed discharge in Scotland. They stood at 25.3% and 15.5% compared to a Scottish average of 8.5%.

Lib Dem's don’t want to listen

The Lib Dem's don’t want to listen to the result of referendums.

They are playing a dangerous game: saying we don’t have to listen to the result of referendums but can simply ignore them altogether.

Aquaculture important to rural economy

I was delighted to visit the Scottish Salmon Company's Stronachullin marine site with my fellow Councillors today where I spoke to front-line workers and management about the important role aquaculture plays in Argyll and Bute's growing rural economy.

MSP 'wears it pink' for Breast Cancer Now fundraiser

Donald Cameron,  MSP for the Highlands and Islands, added a dash of pink to his usual attire to support Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink fundraiser, which takes place on Friday 18 October.

Action needed on Islay potholes

I have been checking up on the progress of any pothole filling taking place across the Rinns side of Islay today.

While to it was great to see our hard working roads men doing jet patching in many areas there is still substantial work that needs to be done.

Restore front line local policing to our communities

Scotland’s police chief has warned the SNP over the funding of the force.

The SNP have been warned that without an additional £70 million funding, 350 officers will have to be cut, increasing pressure on front line policing.

Conservative Councillors working together on local issues

I had a very productive meeting with Depute Policy Lead for Economic Development Cllr Bobby Good and Depute Policy Lead for Communities, Housing and Islands Cllr Sir Jamie McGrigor in Kilmory where we discussed many pressing issues.

Crumbling pavements becoming serious trip hazard

I was happy to be back on Islay again recently to check up on progress being made by our hard working roads and street-lighting teams in improving our island's infrastructure.