Local News

Poor roads stifling economic growth

At today's MAKI meeting I had the opportunity to raise many pressing matters that are facing my constituents as well as other areas of Argyll and Bute.

Budget supports young people and economic growth

Despite demand for council services continuing to exceed allocated funds the budget we set today supports our young people and economic growth. We have protected key support services for young people. We are investing millions of pounds to help keep our road network open for business.

Planning regulations must support rural growth

I was out and about in Tarbert today speaking to my constituents including local businesses. We spoke about the importance of making Argyll and Bute a much more business friendly environment.

Reliable Ferries vital for Argyll & Bute

Reliable transport links between our Islands and the mainland are essential to our local economy with recent disruptions highlighting this fact.

Island roads crumbling

It was great to catch up with my constituents in the villages of Portnahaven and Port Wemyss today as I was checking up on local road conditions.

Parents demand greater investment in Islay High School

I have been out and about across Islay speaking to my constituents and listening to their concerns. While our crumbling road infrastructure is brought up time and time again the most mentioned issue by far is the poor condition of Islay High School.