Local News

Team Tory out in Tarbert

We took our team to Tabert today for some more canvassing and leafleting. While putting out our latest leaflets we got a fantastic response on the doorstep.

Speaking to local residents and business owners many important local issues were raised.

A strong voice for Kintyre and the Islands

I had another successful time leafleting and canvasing today in Ballygrant and Keills.

The response was great and as ever Islay's vast tax contributions and our crumbing infrastructure including roads were mentioned at almost every door.

Independent Scotland worse off than Greece

An SNP strategist and wife of SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson has admitted on social media that independence would be a “gamble”, albeit “one worth taking”.

Burning through the shoe leather

I have been burning through the shoe leather while leafleting and canvassing in Portnahaven, Port Charlotte, Bruichladdich, Bridgend, Ballygrant and Bowmore today.

Bowmore Canvassing

I was in Bowmore again doing some canvassing and leafleting. Despite it poring down with rain I had a great time.

From the Chairman

With the date for the local government election drawing ever closer, our candidates are out and about throughout Argyll and Bute, and we are contesting every ward.

Port Ellen Campaiging

I had great day canvasing and leafleting in Port-Ellen. I spoke to many residents and local businesses.

Campaign update from Alastair

I had another good day canvasing and leafleting in Port-Wemyss, Portnahaven, Bruichladdich, Ballygrant and Keills as well as speaking to a number of businesses in Bowmore.

Redman welcomes broadband rollout

Local council candidate, Alastair Redman has welcomed the recent roll out of next generation broadband services in Islay.