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Tarbert Academy makes good impression

It was great to have yet another very productive meeting with Neil McKnight, head teacher of Tarbert Academy, on my recent visit there.

I listened to the school's latest report and met with teachers and students alike.

Save lives by registering appliances urges MSP

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron is urging his constituents to register their electrical appliances.

Mr Cameron said: “Around three quarters of fires in Scottish homes are caused by electrical faults.

Just Sort it

Who would have thought  three and half years on and after a record 33 people million made a decision to which their elected representatives said they would respect the result either way, we are still not sure when we will leave the EU.

Council consults on Budget

The council has started its consultation on next year’s budget.

Despite having made over £57 million savings in the last nine years, more it still required. In short we need to deliver another £9 million of savings to balance this year’s budget.