Local News

SNP failed to deliver on NHS targets

The SNP have failed to deliver on a multitude of NHS targets.

ISD Scotland figures reveal that nearly one in five people urgently referred on suspicion of having cancer are waiting more than 62 days to begin treatment.

Unsafe kerb stones in Carradale fixed

Great news! The unsafe kerb stones at Woodside car park in Carradale have now been fixed.

A huge thanks to ACHA for rectifying this issue and thanks to the local East Kintyre Community Council for bringing this matter to my attention.

Concerns raised with Transport Scotland

I was happy to raise once again the many challenges facing my council ward while speaking to Transport Scotland representatives in Kilmory recently.

Investment in our crumbling pavements needed

While speaking to many of my constituents and visiting local business on my latest trip to Bowmore I was concerned when I was shown first hand just how bad some of the local pavements are.

Council relying on volunteer grass cutters

I have been getting many justifiable complaints about the side verges of the roads in the village of Carradale, and been asked when some of the sides/verges will finally be getting cut?