Local News

Just get on with the job

Great day in RHU and Shandon , great support and help delivering leaflets .

Clear message being given when knocking on doors no more talk of independence, just get on with the job in hand .

Barbara Morgan

Conservatives fight not appease separatists

Iv'e had another successful few days campaigning across Islay. While both canvasing and leafleting I have been hearing allot of anger from local residents about the separatist's obsession with having yet another independence referendum.

Training for the future

Taking a short break from the campaign trail, Peter was in London at the weekend undertaking a Leadership in Public Life training course.

Role of honour reinstated

Great to see the Helensburgh and Garelochhead loch Unionist (aka Conservatives) "world War 1 Role of Honour" being reinstated in the Charles Rennie MacKintosh rooms in Sinclair St, Helensburgh.

A beautiful and inspiring artistic space run by Bruce and Nicola Jamieson from Kilcreggan.

Ambitious plans for Rothesay Pavilion

Today I took the opportunity to visit Rothesay Pavilion to see the progress that had been made in the 1st phase of the restoration of the Grade A listed building.

SNP losing support

I was back in Bowmore today with my latest leaflet doing some more canvasing.

A good time to be a conservative in Scotland

The Local Government Elections are now almost upon us, and as we contest every ward in Argyll and Bute our excellent candidates are all hard at work

canvassing in their local areas.


Many small villages overlooked

I made another visit to Keills today to do some more leafleting and canvasing and got another good response on the doorstep.

Good and Cameron in Dunoon

I met recenty with Donald Cameron MSP in Dunoon and discussed a few of the issues brought to me by Dunoon residents.

Here i talk him through parking issues where cars can park on both sides of the road and cause difficulty for emergency vehicles.