5 big reasons to vote Conservative on Thursday

On Thursday 3rd May's local elections, residents across England will vote to decide who runs their local services - and who manages the money they pay for those council services.

Do not ignore our islands

It was great to spend the past few days speaking to my constituents and visiting businesses in Port Ellen and the rest of the south side of Islay.

Pressing for solutions for Gigha

It was great to meet my constituents at my latest surgery on the Isle of Gigha today. I also got a chance to visit Gigha's terrific and fast growing local businesses.

Growth being stifled by inept management

We on Islay are once again suffering disruptions to our ferry service at one of our busiest times of the year. How many more times will this have to happen before a solution is found?

Value for money needed in NHS

Recently more evidence has emerged about the SNP’s mismanagement of the NHS, with a health board handing out contracts without any arrangements to ensure value for money. This follows revelations that health boards had been using charitable donations to pay their running costs.