Comments made by the SNP Government’s Finance Secretary Derek Mackay during a BBC Radio 4 interview, where he suggested that Scottish fishing could be part of a trade-off with the EU have been slammed by Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron as the real betrayal of our fishing communities.

The Finance Secretary appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday, and when pushed on the issue of whether an independent Scotland might have to hand over fisheries powers back to the EU in exchange for future membership, Mr Mackay said: “We voted to stay within the EU. We accept there are trade-offs in any deal”.

The news comes following a commitment made yesterday by the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a visit to Scotland that access to UK fishing waters will not be used as a bargaining chip in future Brexit negotiations.

Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron said:

“The comments made yesterday by Derek Mackay expose the real view of the SNP when it comes to our fishing waters.

“The SNP Government would quite happily sell out Scottish fishing if it means rejoining the EU and the hated Common Fisheries Policy.

“Just as the Scottish Parliament looks set to gain new powers over fishing after we leave the EU, the SNP are ready to give control straight back to Brussels.

“Alasdair Allan and Angus MacNeil have long spoken about their desire to support local fishermen. Now is the time for them to tell their bosses at Holyrood that Scottish fishing will not be sold out to the EU.”