Cameron blasts SNP over broadband delay

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has blasted the SNP Government over its failure to meet its own deadline for delivering broadband to rural communities.

Mr Cameron expressed anger over the delay when it was revealed that the R100 programme was running so late that some areas of the Highlands and Islands may not receive the upgraded service until 2024, despite SNP ministers pledging that it would be in place by 2021.

The Scottish Conservative MSP said: “This is yet another failure by Nicola Sturgeon’s government to deliver a vital infrastructure project.

“Communities and businesses across the Highlands and Islands, already dismayed by the delay in the ferry replacement programme, will be alarmed by this news about broadband.

“This could mean lost jobs and lost investment across our region.

“Once again, the SNP are putting their obsession with another independence referendum before their responsibility to provide essential infrastructure for our rural communities.”