Businesses continue to be ‘left behind’ by grant process

West of Scotland MSP Maurice Corry today expressed concerns firms in Argyll and Bute continue to be left behind by SNP grant schemes as new data reveals even more businesses have been left waiting on vital funding support.

The latest statistics released showed that 495 further businesses across Scotland’s 32 local authorities, with 566 still waiting in Argyll and Bute alone.

Mr Corry said: "Three months into the lockdown it is not good enough that so many businesses are still waiting for vital funding. There is a real risk that many businesses might not return as the SNP Government have not stepped up to provide enough support when it has really mattered."

With the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic set to be fully felt in the coming months. Maurice Corry called for urgent work from SNP Ministers to ensure that those businesses who need support are able to receive grant funding.

Commenting, Maurice Corry MSP said: “Week after week, we have seen a real lack of progress on ensuring businesses in Argyll and Bute receive vital grant funding.

“We are now at the stage where we are preparing to ease further lockdown restrictions and it is staggering that almost 17,000  businesses across Scotland are still waiting on funding support months into lockdown, including 566 in Argyll and Bute.

“Many businesses have been completely left behind by this process set out by the SNP Government and as we continue to ease lockdown measures, there is an even greater need to ensure our businesses have the funding they need.

“It is clear from these statistics that there is a very real risk that many businesses might not have the support needed to return and re-open.

“The SNP have not stood up and delivered enough support to businesses on the frontline. Getting support delivered urgently could really be the difference between survival or not for many of our loved premises.

“While I accept that these figures include applications that have been rejected for a number of reasons, it is still not good enough that so many businesses have been unable to access support after so many weeks and months of having to remain closed.”