Broadband repaired, but lights are still out.

It was great to speak to the hard working front-line Openreach teams responding to concerns myself and others had raised about the disruptions to our local broadband service last week.

I am delighted to report that the problem has been fixed. Going forward I hope to see even more Openreach teams operating across Kintyre and the Islands as I continue to campaign for better broadband in every corner of my council ward.

While many of my constituents are pleased to see a relatively speedy response from Openreach (at least this time) to local complaints that were raised the same cannot be said for our local roads and street lighting department.

Shore Street in Port Charlotte has not had a single functioning street light in over two years and as of over a month ago Main Street has also been without working street lights.

The entire centre of Port Charlotte is now in darkness.

Many locals have said to me that it will take a lawsuit before our roads department takes any action. I hope that they are not proven to be correct as time goes on.

Seeming inaction for two plus years is not acceptable to my constituents. I have asked our roads management directly that after two years plus have they figured out what the fault is? I asked if they where aware of just how many street lighting faults have been raised by the general public in Port Charlotte for Shore St and Main St? I asked whether my constituents will have to wait another two years before Shore street's lights are fixed? As well as asking now that Main street's lights are off, will they also remain unfixed for at least two years?

The slow repair times for street lighting is being raised as a big issue in Bowmore, Port-Ellen, Keills, Port Wemyss, Portnahaven, The Isle of Jura, Tarbert, Carradale and every corner of my council ward.

I worry that leaving whole streets without lighting is becoming the new norm and this cannot be allowed to happen.

I was elected to fight for the people of the Kintyre and Islands ward not make excuses for inaction from our council.

Cllr Alastair Redman