Brexit Party green light to IndyRef2 a betrayal of unionist voters

Donald Cameron MSP (Highlands and Islands,) has described comments by the Brexit Party’s lead Scottish candidate in the European Parliament elections, as a betrayal of supporters of the Union.

Louis Stedman-Bryce  of the Brexit Party admitted he didn’t “feel we would stand in their way” if the SNP government demanded a re-run of the 2014 vote.

Mr Cameron said, “Here in Argyll and Bute, and elsewhere across the Highlands and Islands, people voted solidly in favour of keeping Scotland in the United Kingdom, and the great majority would be horrified at re-running the independence referendum.

 “These comments from Mr Stedman-Bryce show that the Brexit Party is completely out of touch and oblivious to the concerns of unionist voters.

“The only party which actually believes we should respect the result of both referendums is the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party and for the sake of keeping our country together it is important that unionist voters don’t allow themselves to be misled by the Brexit Party which plainly does not share their priorities when it comes to saving the union.”