All-weather pitch wins support of local politicians

A new all-weather pitch that is to be installed at Islay High School has been hailed by local politicians as representing a significant benefit for the community.

 Highlands and Islands Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron commented: “As we all know, Islay has more than its fair share of weather, so having a purpose-built all-weather pitch will significantly increase the opportunities for local people to participate in sport all year round.

“This is very good news indeed as participation in sport can be very beneficial for keeping us fit and healthy, not to mention helping to develop the sporting prowess of our young people.

“I am particularly pleased that this facility is coming to Islay because sometimes there is a feeling that people living in smaller or more remote communities miss out on opportunities which are available in the larger towns and cities.”

Also adding his support is local councillor, Alastair Redman. Councillor Redman said: “This is a significant investment and one which local people have been hoping would come to the island for several years.

“Our thanks should go to everyone who have worked for this and I am very pleased indeed that Argyll and Bute Council, despite its straitened finances, continues to aspire to support our island communities.”