Alastair Redman selected as Argyll and Bute prospective MP

At a packed meeting in Inveraray Alastair Redman was selected as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party candidate for Argyll and Bute ahead of the General Election in 2015. Alastair, who lives and works in Portnahaven in Islay, and is Argyll and Bute born and bred, will contest the seat where the sitting MP is Lib Dem Alan Reid.


When asked for a comment, Alastair said:"I want to to thank the membership for putting their trust in me. I am truly humbled by the fact that so many people voted for me, many of them new young members. Whether you are a Conservative and Unionist supporter, a voter for any of the other parties, or not political at all I want to offer the people of Argyll a real opportunity to vote for change. I am young and energetic and plan to criss- cross Argyll and Bute meeting people and hearing their concerns so that I can understand the issues affecting them. Voters are fed up with the old politics. I believe that we are the Party and I am the person that can offer practical solutions to the issues that affect us all whether we live in a Rural area or an Urban part of Argyll and Bute."


Alastair continued "We need much stronger representation to make sure that the Argyll and Bute voice is heard. We need a clear vision of what needs to be done to release Argyll's full potential, but above all we need action!"


The United Kingdom General Election will be held on 7th May next year unless Parliament itself orders an earlier election.