Action needed to reduce digital divide in rural communities

Mobile phone coverage in Scotland sadly lags behind other parts of the UK. Here in rural Argyll and Bute there are particular challenges in delivering an adequate service. Many rural customers are long distances from exchanges and even with some progress being made in the more populated parts of this constituency our Islands are fairing worst of all in many cases.

Still far too many people and businesses are struggling for a signal across the Kintyre and Islands ward.

As new airwaves are released for mobile roaming it is essential that good mobile coverage is extended to where it's needed to help ensure that rural communities have the kind of mobile coverage that people expect in towns and cities, reducing the shocking digital divide.

Much like our broadband, we depend heavily on our mobile phones and are not getting a fair deal. I will continue to work alongside my Conservative colleagues on the Council and in the Scottish Parliament to press the various mobile phone providers to improve their levels of service to the Kintyre and Islands ward.

Cllr Alastair Redman